Supplies Needed: Chittenden

  • Rakes, Shovels, Cleaning Supplies, Garbage Bags
  • First Aid Supplies, Personal Care Items
  • Cat Litter, Chicken Feed, Pet Food (all types)
  • Non-Perishable Food Items (No or Limited Prep Preferred)
  • Empty Boxes with Lids that can be taped shut
  • They are also requesting Fruit and Veggies (either canned or fresh, not frozen please)

Items can be dropped at the Chittenden Fire Station. Any items that are not needed in Pittsfield are being distributed to other needy communities.

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3 Responses to Supplies Needed: Chittenden

  1. Neko case says:

    I can get some stuff together if someone can drive it down. I’m in the NEK.

    • Kat says:

      If you still need someone to drive it down I can on Thursday. I live down in Braintree (exit 4 off of 89) and have a Subaru Forester. Please let me know by Wednesday at noon.
      802-222-1605 (text/Voicemail)

  2. Cat McKeen says:

    Finding The Chittenden Fire Dept.
    I drove down from burlington and found the easiest way, without dirt roads, is south on rte 7.
    South of Pittsford go left on Prospect Hill rd.
    Follow Prospect to the right at 90 degree right hand corner.
    Turn Left onto E. Pittsford/Chittenden Rd.
    The Fire Department will be on your Right – it’s several miles of beautiful country.

    * Chittenden is not only the drop off point for Pittsfield it’s also the drop point for Stockbridge. Only authorized personnel can make the trip at this time. They have hope the jeep trail to Killington will be passable in the near future. I cannot say enough good thinks about the wonderful folk i met today at the fire station in Chittenden.

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