Important Weather Information: Sunday

Official release/update:

Gov. Peter Shumlin reminded Vermonters today that more rain is on its way and the entire state is now under a Flash Flood Watch. A Flash Flood Watch means it is possible there could be flooding, but it is not certain. The Watch is in effect from now until Tuesday morning.

With additional flooding possible, there are many safety concerns. Individuals can take steps now to prepare for the storm and minimize the possibility of injuries. Preparedness advice can be found in VEM’s Emergency Preparedness Workbook at its web site, Other preparedness tips:

  • Everyone should monitor weather information from the National Weather Service (, radio and TV broadcasts, print media, or Internet sources.
  • Stock up on water, non-perishable food and other supplies to be able to shelter at homes for up to three days. As we have seen this week, you could be stranded even longer.
  • Prepare for power outages by stockpiling flashlights and fresh batteries and a battery powered radio. If you have a generator, ensure that it is professionally installed and can be operated without causing a carbon monoxide hazard. Report outages to your electric utility. Be sure you have at least one phone that does not need electricity.
  • If local officials order an evacuation, respond immediately. Plan your evacuation route ahead of time, one that brings you over high ground.
  • Use text messaging to communicate with family and friends during a storm if possible, rather than cell phone calls. Texts use much less bandwidth than cell phone calls and messages are more likely to get through.
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One Response to Important Weather Information: Sunday

  1. Liz Schlegel says:

    Volunteers, as you talk to people in their homes, please ask them: What is your plan?

    Many folks are kind of traumatized and are having a hard time figuring out what to do next. They need to plan for evacuation, protect their families, pets and property, and prepare for the worst (unfortunately).

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