Help Needed: Waterbury

From, a huge post of people who need help in Waterbury/Duxbury. Before you head out there don’t forget to read our Volunteer Etiquette post. Remember: we’re guests in people’s homes. Now let’s get out there and do some good!

Waterbury/Duxbury- Partial List of 200+ Homes and Businesses with Severe Flood Impact

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4 Responses to Help Needed: Waterbury

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  2. Catherine Willson says:

    I have a dehumidifier and a fan I can loan out. Where should I bring it?

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  4. Greg Burbo says:

    I can come Thurs 8/8 and 9/23 to 9/16, I am a carpenter (with tools, a nurse and a veteran. Where do I report?

    G. Burbo


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