Help Needed: Proctor

Next needs in Proctor: Shoveling out mud from affected basements and buildings on Willow Street & ones nearest Otter Creek at the end of Elm Street and Meadow St. Contact Andrea Varney 459-3546/345-9482 for which homes or go to the homeowners and ask them. Best tools are short handled, flat bottomed shovels and 5 gallon buckets. Pile mud and natural debris alongside road (not in the road) for town crews to pick up. Gloves, long pants, boots and face mask are advised.

PLEASE call Andrea at the number listed before going out to help. She said they had a great response yesterday, and we want to ensure volunteer efforts keep running smoothly and efficiently.

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  2. Andrea Varney says:

    Proctor is OK at the moment. Watch for needs later on. Had 50 volunteers of Saturday and did most of what was needed. Have received lots of calls today from folks looking to help. Where should I redirect them?

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