Dog Found: Proctor

Attention: Today we found what looks to be a female Husky mix, Medium size and she was attached to a long brown leash in Proctor by the skating rink. Poor girl was very dirty,hot, thirsty and hungry. I fed and watered her. She seems very well tempered. She has no tags and I couldn’t find anyone looking for her so I took her to the Humane Society. Please help find this dog’s owners by spreading the word on your facebook wall and hopefully someone will see it and there will be a happy ending.

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7 Responses to Dog Found: Proctor

  1. joe says:

    got a photo ?

  2. did u find the dogs home yet? if not, I will post this on my page…..

  3. Tina Pollio says:

    Is there contact information if someone is looking for this dog? Also, any chance of getting a picture? I know someone who has a friend who is missing a dog, but not quite that vicinity, although the description matches. With the extreme flooding and time of the actual disappearance of the dog, it could still be the right one.

  4. Sandy says:

    If you can get a picture of this dog that would be great! Then will post on my page!

  5. Did you contact Rutland Veterinary Clinic? They are keeping track of lost and found pets, too.

  6. picture…would love to help.

  7. Gabe Oberkirch says:

    This dog has found it’s owners! She was picked up yesterday!

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