A Gentle Reminder…

Sent to our inbox with the subject line, “Patience, Patience.”

I stopped at McDonald’s this morning to grab a soda and the young man who should have been working the counter was instead telling fellow employees about his flood experience and how he’d lost everything, including his new car.  A small line formed and people started becoming visibly impatient until we had a small conversation among ourselves about patience and how people process grief and shock.  This young man needed to share his experience, needed to process what had happened, and if that meant we all had to wait a few minutes to be waited on… so be it.  We experienced something similar at WalMart.

We will all probably experience this all over the state.  Please take a moment to gently remind the people waiting with you how difficult it is to process these events, and have patience with staff who, even if they haven’t lost their homes have probably been helping friends and family who have. 

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