Road Update: Bethel Mtn/Camp Brook Road Closed

Map shows Bethel Mtn Road /Camp Brook Road undamaged. Actually it is closed due to severe damage! As of Saturday Sept 3. Very treacherous and in Rochester they are passing handbills at the Town Office saying it is closed and violators will be prosecuted.

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2 Responses to Road Update: Bethel Mtn/Camp Brook Road Closed

  1. Kristin says:

    This isn’t true, per the state police while Camp Brook Road is damaged you can travel it. They don’t recommend traveling on it unless you absolutely have to and some portions are one lane. I can’t comment to the Rochester hand bill thing but this website is creating a lot of unnecessary phone calls to police agencies since it doesn’t always give out official information or accuarte information. I realize everyone is looking for information but heed the sinage and only get info off the state web sites.

    • Reality VC says:

      This information is coming from a town meeting in Rochester, where attendees were told not to use these roads and that those attempting to would be ticketed.

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