Mobile FEMA Assistance Station

I’ve set up a make-shift mobile FEMA registration station in my car to
provide  easy access for people to register claims on FEMA’s website:

Can provide:

– Four laptop computers
– wireless hotspot
– power
– table and chairs
– pads, paper, pens
– envelopes for storing FEMA claim number and future FEMA paperwork.

Available to travel around VT all weekend to help Vermonters start
registering for access to federal recovery help.

Just need location to set up where I can receive a cell signal.

Anyone interested please call or text me at 802-922-0541

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3 Responses to Mobile FEMA Assistance Station

  1. Kirsten Elin says:

    Wow, great idea! Where are you located, since it would make most sense for you to be working close to home?

  2. Tamara Burke says:

    You.. rock.

    You folks saying Vermont has washed away? Come up and see what we’re made of…

    We’re way more solid than the national media would lead you to believe!

    A mobile FEMA Assistance Station. That thoroughly rocks.

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