Helping Children Cope with Disaster

I am a clinical social worker and the co-director of the Vermont Child Trauma Collaborative a grant funded project between SAMHSA and the Department of Mental Health. We are affiliated with the National Traumatic Stress Network, which is a SAMHSA funded initiative. We are working with the 12 designated community mental health centers across VT to improve trauma informed services for children and families.
With Irene, we are going to see many families and children impacted by the hurricane. While Vermonters are resilient, I want to acknowledge that this event and the aftermath is traumatic for many. There are services available from highly trained mental health workers in our state.
I am hoping you might be able to share the following resources on your website. They were created by the National Traumatic Stress Network ( after Katrina. They could be very useful to many parents, school staff, community workers, etc.
Following resources are downloads, go to: l-health/
Thanks to VPR.
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  1. Sharon K says:

    I am trying to get a group of volunteers together to help out with a two-three day project- or two projects- anyone need the help?

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