Help Needed Sunday & Monday: Brattleboro

A message from Andrea: 

We need your help cleaning up Melrose Terrace, a housing complex for seniors and people with disabilities in West Brattleboro.  The residents have all been moved elsewhere, and the houses are being packed and cleaned.

Map and directions

The roads are fine — you will have no problem getting there in a regular car.

Please come on Sunday 9/4 or Monday 9/5 between 10am and 4pm to help pack and clean.  Go to the community room (you can’t miss it) and tell them you want to volunteer.

I worked there today and can offer the following tips:

– Regular shoes (not boots) are fine.  You should probably bring boots just in case the organizers send you somewhere else, but if they assign you to Melrose Terrace you’ll be more comfortable in shoes.

– Bring an N95 air mask (looks like a surgeon’s mask, and N95 refers to a filtering standard).  I think they cost around $5.  There’s a lot of dust and dirt everywhere, and it’s obvious that the floodwaters contained some sewage.  The smell is not strong, but it’s noticeable.

– I also suggest you bring some large trash bags or sheets that you can drape over your car seats while you drive home.  By the end of the day you’ll be rather grimy and won’t want to shed dust everywhere.

– If you’re coming in from out of town and staying overnight, be sure to bring several changes of clothes.  When I got home from working at Melrose Terrace today, the first thing I did was take a long shower.

– Eat a good breakfast before arriving because you might not want to snack on-site.  Again, the smell isn’t that bad, but I wouldn’t want to chow down in the middle of it.  Pack a lunch — there are plenty of nice picnic spots a short drive away.

If you’re reading this message after Monday 9/5 and still want to volunteer, call the Brattleboro Housing Authority and ask if they still need help.

[Note: I do not work for the Brattleboro Housing Authority — I’m just a volunteer in town who offered to spread the word.]

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9 Responses to Help Needed Sunday & Monday: Brattleboro

  1. Danielle WOlffe says:

    Can you show up any time between 10 and 4? I am coming from Providence Ri, and need to check my dog into a motel, not sure what time they will let her in.

  2. Andrea says:

    Yes, you can show up later than 10:00. Probably best to arrive before 2:00, though.

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  5. Jim Colony says:

    I grew up in Keene and Spofford and spent some good times in Brattleboro but my wife (from Montpelier) adn I now live in Pittsburgh, Pa. I cannot help by working, but is there some way we can donate?

  6. Chris says:

    Thank you Andrea for the work you have done and for posting this! On Monday 9/4 walk-in volunteers are welcome, although it would be probably be best to arrive between 10:15 and noon. It is supposed to rain and because of the mud factor, we’re not sure how far into the afternoon we’ll want people to work. For the remainder of the wrk and beyond, we will be creating an on-call volunteer list for people who we can call on when needed. Also, we do provide lunch and cold drinks.
    @ Jim – there are many ways to contribute from afar. The Town of Brattleboro website has a link to a site that contains Windham County storm information, including funds accepting contributions. If you would like to help Melrose Terrace directly, gift cards in $10.00 increments for local and chain stores (PriceChopper,Hannaford,Walgreens,RiteAid,Target,Walmart). These will be used to assist residents (approx 75%) who have to be out of there homes anywhere from a few weeks up to several months. Gift cards can be mailed to: Brattleboro Housing Authority,PO Box 2275,Brattleboro,VT 05303

  7. Laura Kaye says:

    Please let me know if I can pick up or bring any supplies. I will come at 10:15 today, Monday.
    Laura from Northfield 413-498-2716

  8. Ted Lemon says:

    Jim, you can donate to the Vermont Food Bank: or to the Farmer’s Emergency Fund: or to the Boys and Girls Club of Brattleboro (their kitchen was wrecked by the flood): or to probably a ton of other organizations I am not aware of.

  9. Mary says:

    is there any place such as a church or somewhere to bring cloths and supplies to in the Brattleboro area ?

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