Update: End of Day 5

We are wrapping up day 5 here. Our big effort today was updating everyone on volunteer efforts happening over the long weekend. A lot of new information has been coming in over the past two days as more and more people are gaining access to phone and internet service, and as we receive word on communities that either NEED supplies, or have been inundated.

A reminder for those looking for volunteer opportunities on our site, use the tags to search for individual towns or “help needed”. Also use the forum to coordinate efforts with other community efforts. The weather report for the weekend is calling for rain, so please BE SAFE out there. We’ll continue to post updates throughout the weekend on conditions, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Another key thing for us was securing some additional volunteers to help us out here. We were lucky enough to secure some students from UVM to help us out next week. Wohoo! Thank you to everyone. What a fantastic state we live in.

~Katy and the #VTResponse Crew

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3 Responses to Update: End of Day 5

  1. Liz McCormick says:

    Hi Katy~
    Where is your office located?

  2. Monica Farrington in South Burlngton says:

    You have established and maintained one of the most valuable resources for Vermonters in their time of need. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THIS AWESOME WEBSITE and for your selfless service to your fellow Vermonters. You deserve a Vermont Medal of Honor.

  3. Trevor says:

    Yeah, you’ve been an invaluable resource to everyone. I would be willing to donate time to help you out at the office if you’re located somewhere in my region.

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