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We checked in with Northfield this morning. There is NO contamination in the municipal water source and the sewer plant is back online. If you do not have electricity, you need to contact your individual provider, as all electricity should be back online. Trucks will be coming in today to suck up mud from the affected area.

There is NO vehicle access into downtown.


Many within the community are still in the process of cleaning up.  We, NES PTO,
have donated various cleaning supplies to CERV, the local Food Shelf Organization.   Please keep this in mind as a resource for either yourself, or any families who need supplies.

They are temporarily  located on East Street (The Old Police Station).  The hours of operation (Friday 9/2) are from 12-4 pm.

Saturday 9/3, efforts are being organized for a massive volunteer cleanup.  Many volunteers from the community will be donating their time to help out.
In addition to this,  in lieu of Labor Day Activities, Scott Amell has donated hot dogs to be cooked for families and volunteers. The NES PTO will be donating the drinks as well.

If you need assistance with anything please contact a member of PTO:

Kristen Gadbois at or 508-566-0477 or

Kristi Partlow at or 802-279-6411

Our thoughts are with you and your families.


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  1. nfldhelp says:

    UPDATE: If you would like to donate food to help those affected by the flood in Northfield, please bring NON-PERISHABLE items to The Square Biscuit restaurant in downtown Northfield, located on the common. Please bring food to the back entrance (green door) and leave it near the kitchen. Items of specific need are the following (to be packed into lunches): peanut butter, jelly, bread, apples/oranges, granola or nutrigrain bars, juice boxes, chips/cookie packs, sandwiche bags–both paper and plastic ziploc bags, makings for trail mix–raisins, nuts, choc chips, etc.

    Personal care items and other household supplies are available on East Street next to Delary’s Plumbing. All those effected are welcome to stop by. This space will be open Sunday and Monday from 9-4, later hours TBD. Items available here are clothing (of all sizes), towels, home goods. If you would like to donate, we still could use more of the following items: diapers size 1 & 2, baby food, pet food, sandwich bags, rubber gloves, shampoo, feminine supplies, cleaning supplies (sponges, paper towels, etc.). For the moment, we have enough clothing. Please do not bring more clothing at this time. The items above are in greater need.

    Please forward/repost/pass along wherever this info will be helpfu.

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