Help Needed: Waterbury

Cleaning Supplies needed.

Please bring cleaning supplies to Thatcher Brook Primary School,
back parking lot. Volunteers went out at 9am, but there should be a person at the school through-out the day. Over the weekend, drop-offs before 9am would be appreciated. They are in urgent need of the following items:

5 –gallon buckets
Cleaning supplies
Masking tape

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4 Responses to Help Needed: Waterbury

  1. Im a Vermonter now living in Maryland. We have childrens clothes and adults clothes and shoes all in good – excellent condition. We know many lost everything, would anyone be interested in us donating these items ?
    If so where should we send them ?
    Thank you
    Christina Benson

  2. Cherie says:

    If I want to volunteer for the cleanup, do I just show up at the school? I have all of Saturday free; I am willing to help any way that I can.

  3. Martie says:

    I am able to help out on Saturday. Do I just show up at the school?

  4. R. Paul Smith says:

    I will be driving to Waterbury from Brlington to volunteer Saturday morning to be there by 8:30AM or so. I plan to spend the whole day.
    I will have room for 2 additional folks and tools. Anybody want to join me? I can pick you up or meet you somewhere.

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