Help Needed: Northfield

There will be a massive cleanup effort tomorrow (Saturday) in Northfield, Vermont. People are asked to check in at the Police Station on Wall Street (**there is NO vehicular access into town) at 8 am on 9/3. Here, you will receive assignments of where to go to help.

What is this task?  It could be cleaning up debris in the dooryards/lawns/fields or it could be removing carpet/sheet rock/plaster lathe/wainscoating/insulation  below the high water level. or,   You may wheelbarrow, truck, wash, dry stuff.  The tools to accomplish this are hammers, sheet rock knives, thin pry bars, buckets, mops, shovels, rakes,gloves, dust masks, high boots (DO NOT COME WITH OPEN TOED SHOES) gloves, eye protection(depends on what you are willing to do)
Folks, this is a place where grass used to be mowed and now there is 2″ of slimy yuck. That is at ground level, in the basements, well, we moved a tin cabinet when purchased weighed less than a sack of seed, but because of the silt/mud it took a winch and two men to get it out of the way.

Basements, even though they have been mechanically cleaned, will need hand work. Flat shovels are the best, but if all you have is a pointed one, do not hesitate to show up.

It will be raining on Saturday, but not like last Sunday. You may want to work outside to clean up the door yards(we will have disposable ponchos) or muck out the places where our neighbors used to share the comfort of their homes. These folks have suffered, but their dignity is intact and please remember you are going into their home.

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6 Responses to Help Needed: Northfield

  1. Nancy Fowler says:

    Just wondering if you arrive after 8:00 am, where will cars go? I am working on getting group form our church to come help, but need to give them more specifics about parking.

  2. Park at the Police Station on Wall Street. From Route 12, turn West onto Depot Square, drive around the Common, turn right onto Wall Street. The police station is on the right, just over the railroad tracks.

  3. Lea Hatch says:

    I don’t own muckboots or gloves .. I hope there is still SOMETHING more I can do to help? I brought sliced ham/cheese & bread to the Legion yesterday (Friday) but want to do more.

  4. And how about tomorrow (Sunday)? I’m helping a friend today and would like to come down to help out tomorrow.

  5. phoebe says:

    I work near northfield tomorrow (sunday) at 2 pm. i have time before that in the morning/early afternoon to help clean up debris and remove stuff…will there still be help needed on that day?…if not manual labor (depending on rain…) are there other things that need to be done? If so please let me know i will check this site later for any info. Thanks.

  6. nfldhelp says:

    UPDATE: If you would like to donate food to help those affected by the flood in Northfield, please bring NON-PERISHABLE items to The Square Biscuit restaurant in downtown Northfield, located on the common. Please bring food to the back entrance (green door) and leave it near the kitchen. Items of specific need are the following (to be packed into lunches): peanut butter, jelly, bread, apples/oranges, granola or nutrigrain bars, juice boxes, chips/cookie packs, sandwiche bags–both paper and plastic ziploc bags, makings for trail mix–raisins, nuts, choc chips, etc.

    Personal care items and other household supplies are available on East Street next to Delary’s Plumbing. All those effected are welcome to stop by. This space will be open Sunday and Monday from 9-4, later hours TBD. Items available here are clothing (of all sizes), towels, home goods. If you would like to donate, we still could use more of the following items: diapers size 1 & 2, baby food, pet food, sandwich bags, rubber gloves, shampoo, feminine supplies, cleaning supplies (sponges, paper towels, etc.). For the moment, we have enough clothing. Please do not bring more clothing at this time. The items above are in greater need.

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