Help Needed: Castleton

My sister lives in Castleton, near Lake Bomoseen, Crystal Beach area.

Water surrounded her house. Her basement was flooded up to the sub floor.

It was pumped once but ground water keeps refilling it.

So she needs:
more pumping (she has no electricity);
cleaning the basement;
electrical rewiring;
propane tank checked for safety;
well water checked for safety;
not sure what else.

She is alone. I live in Randolph and at this point don’t think I can get to her.

I am very grateful for all the offers of help. If you can’t help my sister thank you for helping others.

my home phone: 802-728-4169; work: 802-763-2907; email:  note: I only have email access at work so none after Friday, 9/2 at 4:30

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