Help and Equipment Needed: South Royalton

We have a giant hole in our driveway (30’long x 8’wide x 6′ deep?) from our brook bypassing the culvert – it’s preventing vehicle access to our house and we can’t afford to fix it. Looking for dumptrucks, a whole lot of fill, and an excavator to remove debris. Mill Road in South Royalton. Appreciate ANY help we can get. Please call Chris at 802-558-0131.

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  1. Allen Banbury says:

    We had a similar problem on May 27 in Marshfield. A culvert blew out and caused massive erosion on our road. It was a town class 4 so they fixed it but the fix may be of interest. There is a hydroelectric plant downstream and the sediment that collected in their pond needed to be removed after the flood. Trucks hauled that stuff back up the river to our road and after it had a chance to settle it was topped with StaMat or road mix. Took 26 12 wheel dump trucks to fill our damage. Your damage doesn’t seem quite as bad but it is still essential that it be fixed.

    I wish I could help with more than ideas.

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