Equipment/Transportation Available for Volunteers: Winhall

I will be traveling up from NYC today to check on my families home in Winhall. I have a large off road capable SUV with trailer hitch and winch. I am willing to help out on Saturday and/ or Sunday. I have good knowledge of Southern VT roads and backroads/ trails. I could transport supplies, or people to hard or not so hard to reach areas, can do some vehicle recovery, or anything else within a reasonable distance. Also we are bringing some clean towels and sheets for donation, maybe some clothes. Can you recommend a place to bring these? You can contact me through this email or phone/ text at 646-734-7984.

Peter Vonderlieth

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  1. Susan says:

    From Morrisville, have trailer, 4×4, generator, shovels, gloves masks, can operate heavy equip or hug, muck whatever……802-683-1886 susan and greg

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