Update: Moretown

From http://vprnews.wordpress.com/:

John Hoogenboom, Moretown Selectboard Chair and Incident Commander for the Town of Moretown recovery effort has issued the following bulletin that contains important information for the residents of Moretown, travelers, and others affected by the flooding in Moretown:

Moretown roads should be used for local residents, essential services, and volunteer access only. In the event of rain forecasted, the Moretown Common Road will be closed to only emergency and area residents. Do not use Moretown as a through route to other areas of the Mad River Valley or for viewing flood damage. There is a parking ban on Route 100B.

Please call the town office if you are aware of anyone stranded in outlying areas of Moretown. Safety is a primary concern including: contaminated soil, dust, and water, fuels and other toxic substances, and mold in drywall and flooring. Caution should be taken. Water test kits will be available today or Friday.

Moretown is grateful for all the assistance being provided by businesses, Waitsfield and other area communities, and all the school children helping out. Moretown warns that young people should not be engaging in hazardous clean-up situations.

John Hoogenboom as the Incident Commander who can be reached at 802-496-3645 from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm. Sean O’Brien is the Safety Officer and can be reached at 802-917-0383.

The next community and selectboard meeting is 9 AM Thursday, September 2 at the Town Hall.

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