Update: End of Day 4

It’s almost 11. We’ve been at it since 7 am. We’re at 40,000 views on the day. We’ve given countless interviews. We’re managing information from a million streams. Put in short? You all are amazing. I just said to a friend, “we are just a website. It’s the people of Vermont who are doing all of this.”

So where are we? Much of Vermont is coming back “online.” We just heard that Pittsfield has power and Stockbridge is next. We are getting reports out of outlying areas who are shaking off Irene and ready to get moving towards recovery. And most importantly, people are getting out there and helping. In addition to the flood of “help wanted” posts, we’re starting to get those wonderful “thank you” emails.

Tomorrow, we will be focused on finding major projects for the weekend. Because it is a long weekend, there are many people around to help and we want to capitalize on that. One thing to remember: volunteering is like camping. Pack in, pack out. Or, please bring your lunch because the communities you’re helping have enough to worry about.

So how can you help us at vtresponse.com? By sending in information from all your various sources and by reporting back from places you’ve helped out. We are also looking for contact information in a number of communities, such as Northfield, Rochester and Pittsfield. Great people to suggest include unofficial community members who might be willing to point volunteers in the right direction.

Sleep tight Vermont. Day 5 is coming quickly.

Sarah and the Reality VC team.

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3 Responses to Update: End of Day 4

  1. John Yates says:

    I just dropped off some necessities at the Rutland drop off 34 Wales street right next to the Palms restaurant and the staff were rejecting some previous items because they were opened and half used boxes of items. Please keep in mind to donate complete packages of food goods or toiletries.

  2. Lisa says:

    Thank you for being the point place for so many!

  3. Trevor says:

    Thank you for all the updates. I wish I could put in the amount of hours you do. But someone needs to do it and I am glad you have stepped up to help.

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