Morning Update

Good morning all. We were busy bees last night. We emptied our inbox, gave a few more interviews and set up a Twitter account (thanks to Jay) so that all information is getting distributed effectively. Please follow us @vtresponse.

We have 3 lofty goals for today that we’d like to share.

1. Get a comprehensive list of where to donate everything from food to diapers across the state. Look for this early afternoon to appear on the donations tab.

2. Get celebrities from and connected to Vermont to start raising some attention and encouraging people to help us get back on our feet.

3. Gather tons of information on where YOU can help this coming weekend.

So how can you help us do this? Keep sending in information as you hear it. Town meetings are huge, as are emails from groups to which you belong and information from senators/representatives. You can add it to the comments here, send it to @vtresponse on Twitter or

If you are offering help, please use our forums to connect with other people in your area. We have people needing rides, people needing other people and just a ton of info on how to connect with others like you who are ready to help.

With immense gratitude,
Sarah and the Reality Venture Capital Team

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8 Responses to Morning Update

  1. kristen sheehan says:

    I am interested in getting a group of students together to help out with clean up this weekend in the Rutland/brandon/killington area. Can you point me in the right direction of where we can do this?

    • Meghan says:

      If you go to Restoring Rutland on Facebook, or, they’re working on efforts in Rutland for cleanup this weekend, and will be looking for lots of volunteers!

  2. Charlotte Safran says:

    I have heard that Indigo Salon here in Burlington is collecting non-perishable food and household necessities. Thank you!

  3. Hilary says:

    I am very interested in lending a helping hand over this coming weekend–will be looking for those posts!
    It is amazing how you all have pulled together a lot of information for those that need help & want to help in such a short period of time–VT is a beautiful state & its residents are showing that now through generosity & teamwork….keep it up!

  4. My husband, son and I are interested in helping out Sat afternoon, Sunday and Monday. We live in Middlebury so any place that we can get to from here would be great. Please keep posting where the needs are and we will do what we can!

  5. Lauretta sheridan says:

    I live in West Brattleboro which is on Rt 9 West where we got hit really bad. We just got back into our home yesturday. Last night I couldn’t sleep thinking of the people right up the Street from me. I mean less then 200 Ft. That have no home, that have nothing. This morning I was making a cup of coffee and a piece of toast. I felt bad eatting and drinking. I want to get a bunch of supplies likes instant kinds of foods that are healthy and have alot fuel in them and stuff for children. There are alot of children up Rt 9 west. There was a trailer park right up the Street but it went right down the road. It’s just gone! Need lots of Diaper’s, need alot of everything ! Where could I get some Donations for this ?
    I am going to buy some stuff myself, but we loss alot during this flood the water came right through our condo we loss pretty much everything. I just can’t sit here and not help my neighborhood !
    PLEASE HELP !!! Lauretta Sheridan
    (802) 490-2081

  6. Jane Dunbar says:

    Jerry Seinfeld has a home in Burlington . . . wonder if he’d be willing to be one of the celebrity spokespeople?

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