Medical Supplies Needed: Across the State

As cleanup begins, sterile gloves and masks are needed in communities across the state.

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4 Responses to Medical Supplies Needed: Across the State

  1. Gina Larrow says:

    I have an open but unfinished box of XL non-latex sterile gloves. Where could I get them to that they could be of the most help? I live in Middlebury and have a husband who works in South Burlington.

  2. Gina Larrow says:

    PS, am planning on volunteering somewhere this weekend, so can bring them with me to a needed area, too.

  3. Kat says:

    Are there any areas near Braintree in need of gloves? I have an open box of non latex gloves I can deliver friday or Saturday. I would be happpy to pick up and deliver other donations needed as well, I have a smart phone so I can be reached anytime.

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