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From the Brandon Chamber of Commerce:

(much more info here:

A 200 ton crane will be moving the Brandon House of Pizza to a less-dangerous spot, allowing Sheila Gearwar and her crew to remove as many pieces of equipment and assets that she can recover. John Vafias, owner of the building and long-time BHOP owner, is in town as well.

The building will then be destroyed (ok, Irene already destroyed it but you know what we mean). If all goes according to the plan, the building will be gone by 6 pm today. While we all want to watch the action, the PD will be restricting public access to the area for safety purposes so the public will not be able to view the action. Please let the emergency personnel do their work and don’t get in their way. One town-sanctioned videographer will be capturing and sharing the footage.

Other important information:

* Neshobe gym will have disaster clean up kits available for pick up sometime this afternoon.

* Transfer station hours: today 12-6, Fri & Sat 8-3  Tuesday 10-3 and next Wed 8-3.

* Addison County Solid Waste will be available for large quantities call  388-2333 for details.

* Thanks to Lothrop School and Pittsford Fire Dept and all volunteers for your help during the crisis.

* Document damage limited town office services at the Brandon Fire Station 247-5721.

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