Help Needed: West Hartford

Help needed in West Hartford (4967 Rt 14)

First of all I wanted to thank all of you who contacted me with offers of help!  I have been off-line for a while but here is an update as to what we really need to save our house!

Tomorrow, Friday, we need help ripping out floors and some walls, insulation from ceilings, scrubbing floors, and moving items around as we do this.

I really need help with electrical work!  Our electrical panel was completely submerged and needs to be cleaned or replaced.  The fire dept. won’t allow us to switch on electricity until that gets done.  Is there an electrician out there willing to come out tomorrow to help us with that?

We also need help from a plumber to help us get the electrical water pump and connections back on-line as well as putting in a good filter.  The list goes on but this is the most important!

If you’d like to help please call me – most of the day I don’t have internet access!  My name is Ania Barciak and my phone number is 617-645-5262.

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