Help Needed: Waterbury

The town of Waterbury has set up a website, to help with the clean-up effort. We’ve been posting a lot of details here, but their website also has a list of households that need assistance cleaning up. Just click the “People who need help” link on their site.

Revitalizing Waterbury Facebook Page:

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5 Responses to Help Needed: Waterbury

  1. Mary Coulter says:

    Bennington county has a lot of Welfare benefit reciprocates why not let them help!
    Set up a place for them to sign up an do something to help others!

    • Concerned Waterbury Native and former welfare recipient says:

      First of all, Bennington is no where near Waterbury, and with the roads as they are they probably couldn’t get there from here anyhow.

      Second of all, I think it is mean-spirited and ignorant to assume people who depend on welfare don’t already give back to their communities (and the underlying assumption that they are “lazy” is just plain classist.)

  2. Thank you! But this website is incorrect. Revitalizing Waterbury is our downtown organization and has been around for twenty years; its correct URL is They are now posting flood-related info there.

    The Town and Village of Waterbury recently dedicated a portion of their municipal site to the flood response:

  3. The correct website is RW is 20 years old and has adapted its homepage to provide flood-related info. Also: go to Thank you.

  4. Heather Tillotson says:

    Please note that the correct link to the Revitalizing Waterbury site is:

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