Help Needed Today: Waterbury

The Whalley Trailer Park was destroyed in the flood, folks there need lots of help and there haven’t been many volunteers yet! We are looking for folks to help out Thursday 9/1 beginning at 8 AM.

They need folks to haul things out of trailers and sort and toss. Come dressed for muck – a pair of gloves is almost essential. A face mask is also a good thing. Also helpful would be a wheelbarrow or a trailer for moving sodden belongings to the dumpster.

Whalley Trailer Park: Turn onto Union Street at the intersection of Main Street and Union St and turn left onto Armory Drive. Turn left again onto O’Hear Ct. The trailer park is just ahead of you after you round the corner.

Contact: Rev. Peter Plagge

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One Response to Help Needed Today: Waterbury

  1. Please wear gloves and a face mask. The river mud and flood waters most likely had all sorts of nasty things in it (chemicals, gas, sewage, etc.). Mold is also a concern at this point and you should protect yourselves with a N95/N100 dust mask. I know several police departments in affected towns have been sending these to people, but seriously, everyone needs to protect themselves throughout the clean up!

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