Help Needed: Springfield VT

In Need of Dumpster, Temporarily – N. Springfield, VT

We live in North Springfield, VT and would be so appreciative if someone could loan us a dumpster for the upcoming Labor Day weekend.  Our basement, garage, and yard all got flooded, and we need to dispose of many items. If anyone can offer to loan us a dumpster and haul off the contents, we’d be so grateful.
Thank you so much.

You can contact me at
(802) 376-6576

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1 Response to Help Needed: Springfield VT

  1. robin says:

    try calling Alva at 802-885-2994, Matt Presley owns this company. Explain your situation and hopefully he can assist you.

    Cassella also has them – 603-865-3340 – see who will donate one to you??

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