Help Needed: Royalton

We are in desperate need of 16% pellets for cows whose food will run out tonight. If possible, deliver directly to Perley Farm across from M & N Mini Mart in Royalton. If you are unable to deliver it, call 763-7740, ext 506 and we will try to find a volunteer to pick it up/deliver it.

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  1. Marin says:

    How much is needed? Have you received any yet?

  2. Joie says:

    Did you try this? I don’t know if they will fund feed, but it could be worth a try. If they don’t they might know who can.

    Where does one buy 16% pellet?

  3. Melissa Underhill says:

    i will do what i can…i am available to pick up if anyone knows where i can get some!

  4. Monica Farrington in South Burlington says:

    I too wanted to help. I called the Green Mountain Feed Store at 65 Main Street in Bethel. I asked for 16% feed. The lady, Tammy, was extremely helpful. The store carries both organic and conventional 16% feed. She asked me for this website and as I was speaking with her, she located this plea for help. Since it does not specify organic or conventional, she volunteered to call the farm and see which they needed because milking cows should stay on what they’re used to. (I’m a city gal – didn’t know that). So I gave her an amount to charge to my credit card and she’s going to send out/deliver the correct feed to the Perley Farm. I think it will be about six bags, so I’m sure they will still need a lot more. The farm is not far from the store. The number at the store is 802-234-6278.

    • Reality VC says:

      This is amazing to hear. Thank you, Monica. Please post this in our forum, too.

    • Monica Farrington in South Burlngton says:

      Credit goes to Catherine, my daughter-in-law who lives in Stockbridge, for telling me that the Gr Mtn Feed Store in Bethel was just down the road from the farm.

    • kristi says:

      Blessings on you, Monica. I am a Vermonter living in North Carolina and I listened to Vermont Edition on VPR and heard this plea. I have been trying since I heard it to find out if the folks at Perley Farm got the help they needed. Thank you for taking action, to everyone else who also followed up, and thank you for posting.

  5. Melissa Underhill says:

    i just dropped off 5 bags! they have a place to drop off at lucky’s trailers! anything is appreciated!

  6. Anna Radocchia says:

    Spreading the word about it here in Bennington. I’m a riding instructor and I’ve been giving out the number to many of my adult students.There should be people calling to pay for grain over the phone. Much love!

  7. Marin says:

    Thanks for the info! I will call them and pay for some over the phone tomorrow. We sell 16% feed at Farm Way, but I didn’t know exactly how I would get it over there quickly enough.

  8. Donna says:

    I think there’s a lot of people calling in to place orders for the Perly Farm…grain store has an automated line! Great people out there!
    Donna , Wooly Buggah Farm

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