Help Needed: Bethel and Brandon

Some information coming from southern Vermont about opportunities to get involved. There’s no contact info listed for the first opportunity but the second is much more straightforward. Thanks y’all.

Milking Cows, Bethel, Vermont
Urgent appeal from farm in Rochester. They need help hand milking their cows. Liberty Hill Farm or Kennett Family. No power so they can’t power the milking machines. The roads are bad there so not sure of access.
Library Clean Up, Brandon, Vermont
From Tina Wiles, Town of Brandon Zoning Administrator:
I am hosting a community meeting tomorrow 10:30 am at the Brandon Library to meet with folks who want to help with clean up, logging damaging to private structures, and distributing supplies.  Can you spread the word please?  If someone wants to help but cannot make it please have them contact me.
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5 Responses to Help Needed: Bethel and Brandon

  1. Marianne Delaney says:

    Need Hand-Milking help:

    Bob & Beth Kennett: Innkeeper
    511 Liberty Hill
    Rochester, Vermont 05767

    • Judith Scarl says:

      I just called the farm and they are very grateful for all of the offers of help, but they do have power now and the cows are OK- they can milk them. They asked that this post be removed from the website. Thanks to everyone that offered help!

  2. Liberty Hill Farm no longer needs hand-milking assistance. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture visited the farm this morning and they have been able to receive fuel for their generator.

  3. Also from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, this farm now has power. In need of sawdust and farm hands to help clean mud out of the barn. Contact The Vermont Agency of Agriculture to get contact information.
    Thank you

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