Donations: Waitsfield

Drop items at Waitsfield Elementary School

9/2 Friday – 8:30 am to 7 pm

9/3 Saturday – 8:30 am to 7 pm

NOT ACCEPTING FURNITURE but will take inventory. EMAIL BETH (on cc) if you have furniture to donate and she will match you with someone in need.

Bedding, linens, personal hygiene items were not on the email below, but are needed too!

UPDATE : The Mad River Drive has become so large that the National Guard will take our items (including by air) to other Vermont communities in need too. There will be press on this on WCAX tonight. Beth has 300 volunteers for the 2 days to sort the stuff. People are coming from as far away as Boston, NY, and Maryland to help transport things.

Please donate any clothes (that are in decent condition), that you or your children no longer wear, ALL sized are needed, where people of many ages suffered great losses, due to Hurricane Irene.  Please do not forget about you old infant clothes, where many families that have been affected have infants.

Toys (and books) are welcome too, there are a great deal of children who are at a loss as well, and would be forever grateful to whomever was kind enough to donate, to have a toy or two to play with.

For food, we are looking for non- perishable food items…as nutritional as possible, but I am certain snacks would be enjoyed also.  Please remember, there are many people still without power, when you are deciding what non-perishable food to donate.

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4 Responses to Donations: Waitsfield

  1. Katie George says:

    How do I email Beth? We have some furniture we’d love to donate to those in need!

  2. Diane says:

    How does one get from Middlebury to Waitsfield by road way? I am guessing up rt 7 North to Burlington, down 89 to 100 south? Does anyone know if those roadways are passable?

  3. Amy says:

    route 100 is closed in several places. Check for information on all road closures

  4. Linda Stech says:

    I am looking to collect needed items: food, clothes, diapers etc from my friends and neighbors here in Georgia, VT and make a delivery early next week. Please confirm a destination address and time range that would be best for drop off.

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