Volunteers Needed

The State of Vermont is looking for volunteers to man phone lines. If interested, send an email to: governorVT@state.vt.us

UPDATE: You can also call:  802-828-3333.

We have gotten an enormous amount of requests from people looking to help, especially over the long weekend. We’ll update everyone on larger-scale clean up efforts as details become available.


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8 Responses to Volunteers Needed

  1. Tyler says:

    That email address returns a permanent failure message.

  2. wrong email address to the stat

  3. June Moncrief says:

    Thanks, I’ll keep looking.

  4. Deecie Denison says:

    Hi. Couldn’t get through via email to the address printed; govermont@state.vt.us. Any suggestions

  5. Linda Deliduka says:

    I tried to email at the correct spelling government@state.vt.us and also couldn’t get through

  6. Reality VC says:

    Thank you for the comments, we’ve updated the address, should work now. Please use this email address: governorvt@state.vt.us

  7. Andrea Warnke says:

    The correct email address is governorVT@state.vt.us. They will be able to give you the contact information — it’s for Katherine Betzer of Serve Vermont. Apparently they’re looking for volunteers in Burlington to staff phones.

  8. Ann Neidlinger says:

    That one didn’t work either

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