Volunteers Needed: Burlington

2-1-1 is looking to open a call center in the Burlington Area, but need volunteers NOW! They will be open until 9pm. If anyone is available to take down name and info of people in need of assistance please go to:

128 Lakeside Ave, Burlington.

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7 Responses to Volunteers Needed: Burlington

  1. Jennifer Brown says:

    Would you supply the name of the building or some other way of identifying which door to use once there? Will you still need volunteers tomorrow – Thursday?

  2. Kristin Blanchette says:

    I can be there Friday from 8:45-1:30. Still need people then?

  3. Carolyn Gregitis says:

    Can help also this weekend, but not Saturday as I will be helping someone else. What hours are needed.

  4. Kathy Fox says:

    Do you still need help? Saturday morning?

  5. K says:

    Saturday AM is filled, but thanks!

  6. Laurel says:

    I have flexible hours and can help during this coming week–will you continue to need volunteers then?

  7. Kristin Blanchette says:

    They may have Tuesday slots, call 211 to find out.


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