Update: Bethel

Everyone is working hard to get supplies to those who need them as well as roads or at least pathways open to everyone. Here is some important information:

Erin Boettcher,RN is our Town Health Officer she has just made her way off her mountain and is in town to help.
Cell: 802-377-1897 Home: 392-8015
She can help with: medical and health issues, water safety testing (if you have your own well don’t assume it is safe to drink, please contact Erin to test it) Housing inspections and she has a water pump that she can loan out.

Bethel Elementary and Whitcomb Highschool information:
All staff who can get to the school there will be an inservice Friday and Tuesday to plan how and what we will do.
Students first day will be Wednesday, September 7.
Please come if you have means to get here. We are still working on the busing, there will be more information as we find out which roads are usable. Some roads may be open to car travel but the bus may not be able to go over them.

Currently the shelter is at the school, there is food available to take home, water and clothing is here. There are also meals provided through the day. This may be moving to another space in town so the school can open. Work is being done to find the space and make arrangements. We will update when we have more info.
There have been lots of offers of help and donations made. We all have pulled together to do what we can.

The Emergency Relief Shelter is at the Bethel School Cafeteria. They are accepting all donations of food/bottled water, cloths, blankets/sheets, C battries/batteries, firstaid supplies/tylenol/advil, dipers/baby items, toletries, feminine products, towels, pet supplies and gift cards for Shaws and gas. They also have info for help for those affected by the flood.

Also if you have experience a loss of property please contact 211 to report this. You can do this before your insurance people have been by. There will be forms from the Community Action for FEMA assistance. There are some at the Shelter or at the Ayers Brook office in Randolph which is near the Randolph Elementary School


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