Update: 7 PM Wednesday 8/31

Hi all. Another day has flown by here. Just wanted to touch base.

We are still being inundated with offers of help and resources, and it’s just incredible. If you are offering help, PLEASE use the forums. They are now organized by areas in the state (Thanks to Lindsay) and are a great way to connect with other people helping in your area. We are receiving an enormous load of information and we want to preserve our inbox for help needed requests and housing coordination.

In addition, we are keeping the blog updated as fast as we can type, so it is the most up to date source for information on where help is being requested. If you do go to help and a project is completed, please email or comment on a post to let us know so that we can take the request down.

We are also looking for updates from the many town meetings that went on through the afternoon. If you attended one, please send in the information with Town Update: Location to our email address.

Finally, if you do email, please use a descriptive subject line with Location and either Help Needed or Housing Offered or Housing Needed. If you thought your inbox was bad, you don’t want to imagine ours right now.

We’ve already broken our record for views today; over 30,000 people have viewed the site as of 5 pm. As you may have seen, we are also hitting the mainstream media. I want to thank you all for showing both our fellow Vermonters and everyone else what it means to “get er done” Vermont-style.

With Ongoing Gratitude.


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  1. Alex Martin says:

    You guys are providing an amazing service! Kudos… and keep up the great work!!!

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