Supplies Needed: South Royalton

South Royalton is in need of shovels, pails, first aid kits, bottled water, brooms, stand up lights, boots, gloves, face masks or resperators. You can drop these items off at the Journey Church, 418 South Windsor Street.

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6 Responses to Supplies Needed: South Royalton

  1. Karen says:

    Can food and pet supplies also be dropped at this location?

    • Reality VC says:

      The above is all the information we received, but you could try calling them (802) 763-2139 to see.

    • Tiffany says:

      I’ll be driving up to South Royalton tomorrow morning from Walpole, NH. Please email me if you have supplies to be transported up there. I can create drop off points and a schedule based on responses. My email is

  2. Karen says:


  3. Patty Swahn says:

    I have water to give and can make food or buy bread or whatever may be needed. Also can help this coming weekend.

  4. Patty Swahn says:

    I have a membership to BJ’s in West Lebanon if you need anything from there.

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