Information: Woodstock

For those in the Woodstock,VT area needing or wanting help you can call 802-457-2337 if you need water or other supplies, or volunteers to help you. If you “friend” WOODSTOCK VT FLOOD RESPONSE on Facebook, there is an ongoing dialogue about what is happening re: volunteer opportunities. We are meeting at the Woodstock Elementary School starting at 9 to field teams to go out and help with clean up and water delivery. Woodstock village and West Woodstock village still have no water.

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2 Responses to Information: Woodstock

  1. Jill says:

    Is this a daily request at this point? Nine o’clock at the elementary school? I am off for the long wkd and can help.

  2. 9:30 each day at the Elementary School. There is plenty to be done — definitely ongoing through the weekend.

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