Information: Salvaging Family Items

We learned through New Orleans and Haiti that salvaging cultural heritage and objects of personal significance (family photos, letters, etc) goes a long way to making people feel at home again. Here are some links from the Northeast Document Conservation Center that describe how to manage wet books, records, photographs and other documents. I’m happy to answer questions re: particular issues regarding preservation.
And some information on mold from the CDC:
Kristin Parker
Collections Manager and Archivist
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2 Responses to Information: Salvaging Family Items

  1. Thanks for posting this info here, Kristin! I can also help give advice to people as they start trying to save their personal items like photos, artwork, letters, etc. I used to work at NEDCC but now am proud to say that I live in Vermont and have a conservation studio in Bellows Falls. I am also part of the American Institute for Conservation’s Emergency Response Team (a group that helps non-profits recover from emergencies with on-the-ground assistance and advice). My phone number is 802.460.1149. I am happy to help!

  2. jt dodge says:

    A very good post. So how would one organize a team or teams to collect and lay-out the documents,. books, photos. I would imagine getting in there and collecting some of these things would be very important to folks that have lost so much.

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