Help Needed: West Hartford VT

Ania and Aileen have contacted us with a request for help mucking out mud and pumping a basement as well as some general heavy lifting/clean up help. Their message:

Dear VT Response Team,
My housemate and I have a mud encrusted first floor and a flooded basement still.  We cannot turn the electricity back on until the basement is pumped and inspected by an electrician.  We cannot successfully get ahold of anybody to come and pump our basement though and the living situation is just deteriorating by the hour.
We are in West Hartford VT.  If there is anybody available to help us out could you please connect them with us?
My name is Ania  and my phone number is 617-645-5262.  My email address is
With gratitude,

Please feel free to contact her with any offers of support. Thanks everyone.

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2 Responses to Help Needed: West Hartford VT

  1. Make sure you call 2-1-1 to report the damage. This will automatically add you to the VOAD list of locations that need help with clean out and you should receive a message back from them very quickly.

  2. Liz Gage says:

    Are the roads open to West Hartford to be able to get to you? It sounds like West Hartford was hit hard, and I’d love to help. The last I heard, Rt 14 from WRJ is closed?

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