Help Needed: Rochester

The Kennett’s at Liberty Hill Farm in Rochester are looking for people to help hand-milk their cows. The generator at the farm has failed and they need hands. Farm is located 2-3 miles south of the Rochester Village on Liberty Hill Rd. If you can get there SAFELY, please give them a hand.

9/1/2011 10:00am UPDATE: We’ve received word that they’re doing ‘fine’, and that they are appreciative of everyones love and support. Cows are being milked, no additional help needed at this time!

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8 Responses to Help Needed: Rochester

  1. electricvt says:

    how big of a generator do you need for the farm?

    • Bob Parsons says:

      A 15 kw will run the vacum pump and pipeline although a 25 kw would be better. you don’t need to run the milk pump and take at the same time. It would be nice, but not necessary if someone has a spare generator.

  2. Lynn Coeby says:

    I’ve never milked a cow but am willing to learn. I live in Ripton. Is there a way into Rochester yet? I only have a Subaru Impreza.

  3. Vermont Emergency Management and the Agency of Agriculture facilitated a diesel delivery to the Kennetts at 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday 8/31. The roads are now passable for fuel trucks and they will be receiving regular deliveries until power is restored.

    • Does this mean that their generator is up and running again? The original message said that the generator had failed. If they still need hand milkers, let me know what route to take to get there from the Burlington area.

  4. electricvt says:

    are you still in need of a generator? If you are please call me at 802-989-3426 Garry

  5. Len Bull says:

    What is status as of 10AM THursday?


  6. Debra Heleba says:

    9/3/11. Just wanted to send a quick update that power has been restored to Liberty Hill Farm and the Kennett’s are moving forward with clean up, etc., Deb Heleba, UVM Extension

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