Help Needed: Richmond

Saturday September 3: Volunteer support needed. A team doing volunteer clean-up and demolition is meeting at 137 Esplanade Street  Richmond, VT starting at 8am. Anyone wishing to bring food, supplies, and other help please contact John at 802-343-3227. He’s looking for extra hands and someone to supply volunteer support.

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3 Responses to Help Needed: Richmond

  1. electricvt says:

    Left a message on your phone given. Willing to come and help, let me know what you need. Garry 802-989-3426

  2. electricvt says:

    That will be 2 of us

  3. Dianne Leary 881-2754 says:

    I am willing to come help Saturday but am not available until the afternoon. Is this availability adequite. Dianne

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