Help Needed: Bridgewater/Plymouth

Bethany Birches Campground: wedding party and owner of campground disconnected from road. All healthy, but are out of food/water. Is accessible by ATV. At least 7 people there.

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8 Responses to Help Needed: Bridgewater/Plymouth

  1. Serena says:

    Do you think mtn bikers could get in? Have 2 strong mtb-ers who could be there this afternoon with food and water (also camping water purifiers).

    • Debbie says:

      Are there any updates about Bethany Birches? My kids go to summer camp there and the staff is very special to us. I live 90 minutes from there but can’t get to that area due to bad roads.

  2. Shawn Hannux says:

    I have a 4 wheeler, I am a firefighter/paramedic from Hartford VT. I am off duty tomorrow(Thursday). I will be glad to bring stuff in or bring folks out.

  3. Marie Anderson says:


    I live in So. Reading not far from the Reading Pond Rd. I am leaving now (10:27) to check with a neighbor who has an ATV to see if we can coordinate him riding over from the Reading side to bring you some supplies. I have also contacted the office of the Plymouth Selectman (Ralph Michaels) to let him know of your status. I will check back in within 30 minutes to let you know.

    Marie A.

  4. Matt says:


    I can give you a hand tomorrow if you need it. I have the day off and can help to about 2 or 3pm. I will be coming from Burlington area. If you need me to bring anything down to you let me know.


  5. Marie Anderson says:

    Marie A. here again. Found an ATV with another neighbor and she & I are working on getting clear directions to Bethany Birches from the Colby Pond/Reading Pond Rd area to Bethany Birches. Will have more info after 1 pm. Not sure what the water levels will be in the brooks, etc. coming from this direction. Have also heard that the Nat’l Guard will be in Plymouth at the cemetary today with supplies. I will check back in @1:30pm.

  6. Christina Sweeney says:

    I have notified the Bridgewater town office, someone will be there as soon as possible.

  7. Marie Anderson says:

    Hi one more time.. Just found out that the road is washed out due to a loss of a culvert on the Reading side. I hope the Bethany Birches have received help from the other access points as we cannot get there from the Reading/Plymouth side, sorry. Marie A.

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