For Local Governments

Does your town need help recovering from Irene? Resource needs cannot be met if they are not known. Mutual municipal assistance is available. What does your community need?
VLCT continues to field offers of assistance and resources for communities in need. Therefore, we strongly urge communities that have been hit by the flooding to send us what you need to speed up the recovery process. Do not hesitate; the desire to help is out there but until the resource needs are voiced, they cannot be met. Examples include traffic cones, barriers, heavy equipment, manpower, etc.
This message has gone out to all levels of officials in local government. However, those officials in communities that have suffered damage are probably not all reading their emails. If you are reading this please communicate with your road crews and others to make sure that they are aware of this page and urge them to list their needs.
Those towns that can assist are also urged to make that fact known to us so we can post it to the VLCT Irene Recovery Resources page. Simple, non-specific offers  are welcomed to make nearby Municipal officials aware that your town is willing to participate in the clean-up and rebuilding of Vermont municipal infrastructure.
Requests for assistance or offers of resources should be accompanied by a contact person.
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  1. ravenredlite says:

    Myself and my company are offering to collect and redistribute whatever you need. Just let us know. Deborah Wright Green Mountain Traffic Control Bellows Falls VT 463-4380

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