Donations: Waterbury

The Waterbury Food Shelf is currently operating out of the Thatcher Brook Primary School. People there are assisting to prepare meals and feed those put out of their homes by the flooding. The food shelf needs non-perishable food donations: tuna, peanut butter, etc. that can be eaten as a meal without cooking.

For more information, contact the Waterbury Food Shelf at 802-244-1561.

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3 Responses to Donations: Waterbury

  1. Charley MacMartin says:

    I will have a one-ton truck, 4×4 truck in Waterbury Saturday morning and would be available to distribute food, water, etc. during the day. Who should I contact about my availability?

  2. kim sawyer says:

    My daughter and I are willing to cook food ,bring in casserole and salads,drinks and of course for the children goodies, I can’t donate money but we as a team are great cooks (me and my daughter), i was thinking on bringing in cooked meals for the workers and anyone else that needs a meal… Please contact us @ or cell#802-324-9792 or 802-847-0881. Please we feel so helpless here in northern Vt…

  3. Mary Harris says:

    No answer at foodshelf phone number Friday 10:00am. Will be bringing a vanload of clothes on Sunday to Rusty Parker Memorial Park and non-perishable food where? Wanting to know what address to drop food on Sunday…..Thanks and God bless you all. Mary Harris

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