Update, End of Day 2

Hi Folks:

Blown away by the response here, not that it’s a surprise. We’ve been working literally around the clock here to manage all of the information and set up a site that can work when we have to sadly stop working 24/7 on this. So here’s what you need to know:

Finding/Offering Help: We set up forums to capture help offered and help needed. Please post with either “Help Wanted: Location” or “Help Offered: Location” and details in the field below. We will be pulling help wanted information forward onto the home page.

Help Needed: Will remain on the home page and can be searched by clicking the tags on the right hand side.

Housing Available: Will be pulled to the tab on vtresponse.com as well.

So, please keep the information coming, hopefully on the forums. You can continue to email vtresponse@yahoo.com if you have a need for help or housing available.

Finally, we are still in a critical response time, so please be safe. It is no help to emergency responders to have well-meaning volunteers get hurt or into trouble. As we said last night, there will be plenty of opportunities to help.

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4 Responses to Update, End of Day 2

  1. Sheila Braun says:

    Along that line–I should say that Rocket and I are a highly trained, very experienced horse and rider team. We run in 50-mile endurance races and do well in them. My horse is a mustang who senses dangerous footing or water that can’t be crossed and I trust him to turn around rather than risk our safety. We have done numerous nighttime and overnight rides in the Green Mountains, though this ride should take us only about 2 hours. I have been trail riding since I was seven years old and I don’t know another trail rider with more experience over bad terrain. I’ve been an ambulance driver and I know that putting us at risk means putting others at risk. My point is: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! We wouldn’t be doing it if we weren’t trained, in excellent condition, and willing to turn around if it couldn’t be done.

  2. I just want to say – whoever is organizing this site – great, great work. It’s hard to feel so helpless, and this takes our brains away from useless despair and a step closer to fixing Vermont. And, healing.

  3. Diana says:

    Yes, Thank you for creating this space.

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