New Response Center: Rutland

34 Strong Ave, next to the Palms.

Collecting donations and looking for people to help sort/manage donations. They are collecting bottled water, dry goods, food, toiletries, supplies such as boots, shovels, buckets, sponges as well as pet food. These donations will be taken to Mendon and Killington areas.

Also looking for donation of an aircard to help with wireless access.

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26 Responses to New Response Center: Rutland

  1. I have a pcmcia airnet card I can overnight — let me know if this does what you need.

  2. Emily Shea says:

    I would like to volunteer my time on Thursday if possible. You can contact me via e-mail. Thank you for all of your help!

  3. Andrew MacLeay says:

    may be able to help with aircards/wifi-hotspots email:

  4. Are there specific times?

  5. Chad says:


    We are bringing supplies to your area on Friday. How can we get to you from Middlebury?

    • Chad says:


      We are bringing supplies to your area on Friday. How can we get to you from Middlebury?

      • Reality VC says:

        Hey Chad-

        We’re working on coordinating people with supplies and such to get involved. We’ll definitely get you involved somewhere. Thanks for reaching out.

      • Michael says:

        Following Rte. 7 from Middlebury (with detour around Brandon, follow Rte. 7 S Detour signs) will get you into downtown Rutland City, and this response center on Strongs Ave. I made the drive from Williston last night with no snags.
        Good luck,

        P.S. If you have any questions, give me a call 802-236-8337

  6. Ann Eddu says:

    I would love to help and have 4-5 teens that would as well. Friday p.m. would be best but we could probably do tomorrow p.m. if Friday doesn’t work. We live in Orwell.

  7. Andy MacLeay says:

    We are making a run from Williston bringing supplies to Mendon, we will drop off a USB-broadband card to the Strong St. location on our way.

  8. Kim Conway says:

    I am willing to help in any way.. Also my daughter and a friend. I am available at anytime anyday !! This is mainly for the Rutland Response Center. COntact me via email Kim C

  9. Kathy says:

    What times are you open during the day? I would like to drop some items off.

  10. I would love to come help out in anyway possible! I can help sort donations and such or clean up! Just anything that I could possibly help make life easier for people!
    Contact Me by my Cell: (802)236-7350 or by e-mail:
    I am willing to help anybody and I can bring people with me to also help!

  11. Andrea Delgado says:

    Howdy! I live in Brandon…. I would love to be able to help out someway. I have a wheelbarrow, shovel, pick-up truck, plus I am pretty young and strong too, willing to do whatever 🙂 I’m not sure how to get in touch with the right people. I called the women’s shelter earlier and they seemed real stand-offish, so I’m thinking they’re not real hot on getting people in there.
    My email address is
    my cell # is 1-207-299-4135
    Please contact me if/where/how I can help. I will probably go down to this center tomorrow to see if they need me…. My vacation was cancelled due to Miss Irene- so I have a good two weeks of “free-time” It’s all yours, Vermont!!
    with love,

    • Reality VC says:

      Andrea: Sorry to hear that. I think people are overwhelmed and sometimes that makes them snappy! Please go to the forums page and add your info. We’ll keep posting help needed up here as well. Thanks again.

  12. Gianna Capiannelli says:

    I’m in the area and would love to drop off donations and help sort. Where do I go?

  13. we are low on gas until tomorrow. we will be available to go anywhere on the 1st and after that. my fiance and myself are former medical persons we also have experience working and surviving hurricanes and tornadoes. my fiance is an animal wishperer. she has good communication skills with animals. we have a van and can transport items. if u can find a place where we can help let us know. home # 802-855-8235

    • Reality VC says:

      Hi Mark:
      Thanks for your offer of help. Please keep checking the site for help needed information and consider adding yourself to the forums to connect with others. We will be reorganizing those forums by area of the state later this morning, but they are a good way to share your skills and connect with other helping hands in your area.

  14. Andrea Trombley says:

    Do you have specific supplies that you need? I have a group here in the Burlington area that wants to help, and I am planning on coming down on Saturday with the donations, but we would love to get you just what you need. There are 4 of us coming down, so if you need help in the resource center, we can help, or we can be sent out to help.

  15. Kim says:

    Hi, I’m Kim and would like to volunteer during the day ( I work @ 4). I can be @ the Strongs Ave location whenever and might be able to help get food donations thru local restaurants.

  16. Kathryn S. says:

    Can you please e-mail with supplies still needed and times that you need volunteer. Have a flexible schedule and would love to help out in center, donations and or driving.

  17. Cristina says:

    I am able to bring supplies or help on Friday if needed. Just let me know what supplies are needed or if there is anything that I can do.

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