Information about the Waterbury State Complex

Flooding at the Waterbury office complex has done significant damage to their offices and they are effectively not open at this time.  Other DEC offices including wastewater management have been impacted as well.  The Water Supply Division is in the process of getting web and email active and finding other office space but it will be some time before implementation.

For critical communications with the Water Supply Division, please use their pager number and a representative will be back in contact with you.  That number is 802-741-5311.  We will see what we can track down on how to contact wastewater management.

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3 Responses to Information about the Waterbury State Complex

  1. Gail says:

    Assuming that VSECU (credit union bank) is closed as well?

  2. Linda says:

    The entire complex is closed to anyone other than officials there to clean up. All entrances are blocked off by police and no one can enter.

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