Help Needed: Waterbury

One Studio Dance
August 30, 2011

Hello Everyone,
I am looking for volunteer help tomorrow (Wed, Aug. 31) to rip out carpet and tear down sheet rock on the first floor of One Studio Dance.  The sooner this gets done the better chance we have of saving this building and keeping our studio there!
If you are available to help please arrive at 10am and bring as many of these items as you have:
  • Pry bars
  • Flat Metal Shovels
  • Hammers (regular and spiked)
  • Electric Drills

The damage at One Studio is extensive but I really hope we can stay there so I am doing whatever I can to make this happen.

My cell phone number is 802-233-9839 if you need to reach me.

In appreciation,


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3 Responses to Help Needed: Waterbury

  1. peggy struhsacker says:

    I live in Morrisville so might not get there right on time and do have garbage bags to use plus the other items you have suggested.

    • Reality VC says:

      Peggy: That’s okay. Try to check in at the school when you get there; I am sure someone will be able to direct you. Thanks for your help.

  2. James says:


    James Bordeaux from the waterbury Bike park- I’ll see what I can do. I will be working a half shift today…Maybe I can get the wife to come as well and help tare up some stuff. Probably wouldn’t be until about 1 is my guess. Text 802-917-4708 Hope you get to stay in that building as well!

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