Help Needed: Royalton **Large Group Needed

URGENT: We need 100 (YES ONE HUNDRED) volunteers tomorrow. Please do what you can to share you muscle, talents, and time.

First, meet at 8am at 1503 Windsor Street (past Hurricane Flats) to join all of us in welcoming Congressman Welch. He is surveying Royalton from 8:30-9am. Turn out to help over 20 home owners there … and support operation Revive Royalton!

Next, check in at 10am at South Royalton High School with Melissa Kumar (603-667-3836), our awesome volunteer coordinator. Come with what you have — work clothes (BOOTS!), shovels, buckets, gloves, etc. She is also directing food (taking perishable and nonperishable donations) through Journey Church. If you can’t be there at 10 am, come by WHEN YOU CAN. Seriously, we need many, many, people all day long.

ATTN ANIMAL FRIENDS: Pet food needed. I got a request for food for dogs and cats. Any kind is accepted, but we need this specifically:
Cat food: Purina Proplan, Adult, Chix & Rice, Nutritional extras
Dog Food: Purina Proplan, Adult, Optihealth, Shredded Blend

We will need people on the phones tomorrow too — so if you can’t do physical labor, touch base with Melissa anyway.

If you can donate or help cook food – let us know. We need lunch and Dinner volunteers too.

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10 Responses to Help Needed: Royalton **Large Group Needed

  1. Patty Swahn says:

    I can help with dinner tonight.

  2. Liza LaBombard says:

    I can buy some dog/cat foods where can I bring them and when do you need them? Liza L. from Essex VT

  3. Karen says:

    I am heading to Royalton area tomorrow from NJ. Where can I bring pet and people food?

  4. amy lamson says:

    Can bring some pet food, animal crates, and myself this afternoon.

  5. Karen says:

    I can also donate crates. Where?

  6. martha zoerheide says:

    I plan to be there @ 8am with bucket and shovel gloves and boots

  7. Ginny says:

    I can help with dinner tomorrow (9/1). Can also help with pet food.

  8. Petey says:

    What is the best way to get there from 89?

  9. Sara says:

    @ Petey- best way from I-89 is exit 3, south on Rte 14 to S. Royalton Bridge at junction of Rt 110 & Rt 14, cross into village, turn Left down S. Windsor St about 1/4 mile to Journey Church on your right.

  10. Sara says:

    To all volunteers: Rt. 14 from West Hartford north to Sharon is CLOSED to all through traffic while State attempts to stabilize roads. Also it is closed from Sharon Village to the junction of 110 & 14 in South Royalton. Exit 2 is accessible via River Road in Sharon. BE ADVISED: ALL roads & bridges are extremely unstable and you MUST proceed slowly and cautiously as workers try to restore these roads.
    Thank you all for volunteering.

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