Helping Hands and Help Needed Pages

Flying by the seat of our pants here, but you’ll start to see pages popping up for both people wanting to help and people needing help. I am keeping all contact information with me for privacy and to reduce spam, but please don’t hesitate to email if you would like to get in touch with someone on here. I’ll try to figure out a forum functionality too, but comments are a possibility if you want.

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13 Responses to Helping Hands and Help Needed Pages

  1. Jenn Buker says:

    I’m available to help in Bristol / Lincoln area if needed!

  2. Daniel Langevin says:

    It’s sad to see the footage of my home state like this. I live in Burlington and would be interested in volunteering in any way. Keep us posted. I’m sure you are all trying to organize a lot right now but eventually an announcement on WCAX on how others can help would be good. Vermonters have big neighborly hearts and will jump to the occasion.

    • Reality VC says:

      I’m just one person, but if you want to send it to WCAX, that would be awesome! Send an email with details about availability/skills etc and I’ll add you.

  3. maenad says:

    We’re willing to help in the Bennington area. Can help with food and supplies, or with work.

  4. Erin Russell-Story says:

    We’re from the Mad River Valley, but not living in VT right now. Looking for ways to provide assistance from the outside. Please post opportunities.

  5. I made a page on face book called ” Vermont Helping Hands”. Please feel free to share! thanks!

  6. Linda Waite-Simpson says:

    Essex Junction was largely spared by Irene which leaves me available to help in other communities. I have no equipment to offer but can certainly don my muck boots and gloves to help people dig out. I am also hearing from a few people who are interested in donating $$ but want to make sure it is a local cause (ie not Red Cross or FEMA) – any suggestions?

    Linda Waite-Simpson
    872-0499 or 881-8528

  7. ravenredlite says:

    We are willing to help in the Rockingham area. Green Mountain Traffic Control Deb Wright

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